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21st Vision Counseling & Psychotherapy

Your life, your significant other, and your family need help.  The licensed psychotherapists of 21st Vision come alongside to help you grow toward dynamic and positive individual, relational, and family mental health.

  • Family, Couple, and Individual Therapy
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Premarital Counseling

21st Vision Consulting


Your organization is constantly moving and changing.   Growth may be bringing unexpected effects to your formerly positive culture.  Perhaps there are toxic dimensions in your team that you cannot quite get your finger on.  Or it may be time to raise the bar and create a workplace that is the best in your field.  For business, non-profits, public agencies, and faith-based institutions.

  • Culture Enhancement (cross-culture training)
  • Systems Thinking and Application
  • Public Response Management
  • Leadership Training
  • Strategic Plan, Program Evaluation, &   Measurement


Your world, as you’ve known it, is turned upside down. Experiencing chronic relational or public distress is not only unsettling, but may bring frustration, and fear.  The loss of reputation and public image is a different but profoundly disruptive dimension of life. We help you form strategies and structure, move forward, and confidently address your most pressing dilemmas.

  • Choices that bring Chaos
  • Public Response Management
  • Marriage and Family Crisis Recovery
  • Parenting Systems
  • Career Development
  • Athletes & Entertainers
  • Career Growth & Enhancement
  • Anger Management
  • Public Speaking

Special Services: At the request of individuals or organizations, we provide additional programs, keynotes, and consulting in a variety of areas. Please contact us with your request for a unique program, or to learn more about our areas of expertise.


21st Vision is the proud founder of Characademics®, our signature educational program bringing the phenomenally successful theory and practice first staged in a residential school setting, to the student experience.

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